All About Septic Meeting

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On April 27, 2018, Haywood Waterways Association (HWA) and Southwestern NC RC&D Council hosted All About Septic Systems, an educational workshop made possible by a 319 Grant. Haywood County Environmental Health Services was also present to take the lead in the workshop. To kick things off Eric Romaniszyn, Executive Director of HWA, spoke briefly about the rivers and streams in our area and how important it is to keep them healthy. “Straight piping into some streams right here in Haywood County has been a prevalent issue for many years,” said Romaniszyn. “It is important that we educate locals on the effects of these actions and how to properly handle issues of this nature.” 

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Next, Garron Bradish, Environmental Health Supervisor, and Adam Jones, Environmental Health Program Specialist, educated attendees on everything from how to find where a septic tank is located to the signs of a failing system. Attendees were very eager to learn more and asked a lot of questions during the meeting. “Meetings like this are actually very effective in getting the word out to our communities across Haywood County,” said Jones. “Attendees from this meeting may chat with their neighbors which may cause their neighbors to be more aware of the signs and consequences of a failing system.” 

This workshop had nineteen people in attendance and was in session from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Remember, if you suspect that you may have a septic issue, please call your local environmental health department. 

Environmental Health Departments in Southwestern NC RC&D Council’s Coverage Area:

·         Cherokee County- (828) 835-3853

·         Clay County- (828) 389-8326

·         Graham County- (828) 479-7900

·         Haywood County- (828) 452-6682

·         Jackson County- (828) 586-8994

·         Macon County- (828) 349-2489

·         Swain County- (828) 488-3198