Septic System Care: How A System Can Be Repaired With The 319 Grant

To receive funds from the 319 Grant program, homeowners must complete a five-step process in order to have their septic system successfully replaced. By completing this process, this ensures that homeowners are able to receive funds for their specific septic system issue.

1. Homeowners should contact their local Environmental Health Department.

Homeowners should notify their local Environmental Health Department when they know they need a repair or see possible signs of a failing septic system. After an Environmental Health Specialist is notified, it is their job to assist the homeowner through the rest of the process.

2. The Environmental Health Specialist will provide the homeowner with a free application for a repair permit.

This application is completely free for homeowners. After filling out this application, homeowners will be contacted by the Environmental Health Department to schedule a time for an Environmental Health Specialist to visit the site.

3. Someone from the Environmental Health Department will come out to perform a site inspection.

The purpose of the site inspection is so the Environmental Health Specialist can identify the necessary repairs that must be made. After the inspection is complete, the Environmental Health Specialist will create a repair plan that will be most affordable and most feasible for the homeowner. Once is plan is created, homeowners will then be issued a permit that allows a repair to be made.

4. Homeowners pick their contractor.

After the site inspection is complete, homeowners can now choose a contractor of their choice to repair their septic system. This contractor must be certified to installed and repair systems.

5. After repairs are complete, the Environmental Health Department will do a final inspection.

This final inspection done by the Environmental Health Department to insure that the repair has been done properly by the chosen contractor.