Pisgah Inn

Located at milepost 408.6 on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah Inn is certainly a beautiful sight to see. Located at 5,000 feet in elevation, spectacular views of Western North Carolina’s beautiful mountains can be seen from all around. The first Inn opened its doors to the public in 1918. The original Inn stayed in use until the early 1960’s while the modern Inn was under construction. The modern Inn that remains in use today was completed in 1964.

The solar energy system at Pisgah Inn is located on the roof of the Tree Tops building.

The solar energy system at Pisgah Inn is located on the roof of the Tree Tops building.

In 2007, Bruce O’Connell, present owner of Pisgah Inn, was becoming very concerned about the Inn’s electric bill. “Our bill was so high,” said O’Connell. “We needed to find a better way to provide power while still offering a comfortable space for our guests.” After doing some research and talking to various companies, O’Connell received a referral from Sundance Power Systems, a local solar energy system installer based out of Weaverville, NC. O’Connell applied for a REAP Grant to help assist in the cost of installing a solar energy system for the Inn. “We could not have installed this system if it wasn’t for the REAP Grant,” said O’Connell. “We are so thankful to have learned about the program and to have been accepted to receive funds!”

In April 2007, a twenty-three kilowatt solar energy grid system was installed by Sundance Power Systems. Pisgah Inn now uses the solar energy generated by the system to supplement the power in twenty hotel rooms as well as provide solar hot water in the Inn’s kitchen. “We have a lot of visitors that come to Pisgah Inn every year to stay at our resort or simply enjoy a beautiful meal with their loved ones,” said O’Connell. “This solar power system has been such a major help to the Inn because not only has it saved us money but also allows us to provide an environmentally friendly environment to our guests!”

Pisgah Inn is open from April through October and provides everything from lodging to fine dining for visitors. To learn more about Pisgah Inn, please visit www.pisgahinn.com.