The Resource Conservation and Development Councils were originally authorized by United States Congress and then organized as 501c(3) organizations so that local citizens could develop and carry out a proactive plan for social, economic, and environmental betterment of their own communities. Southwestern NC RC&D Council is 1 of 10 councils in North Carolina and 1 of 375 in the United States. Our RC&D Council works closely with local governments, but is a stand alone non-profit organization.

Southwestern NC RC&D Council has a staff of five, including an Executive Director, Administrator, Agricultural Specialist, Forester, and Outreach Coordinator. Out capability is expanded greatly with our consultant team and close working relationships with County and State agencies and other non-profit organizations. At any time, we may be working directly with 50 or more resource specialists. Projects for our RC&D Council can vary from helpful facilitation to large stream and lake restoration projects. A small project for our Council was facilitating pollinator garden projects in Waynesville while current large scale projects are out Farm Assessment Programs.

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WE are members of the North Carolina Association of RC&D Councils, the Southeastern Association of RC&D Councils, and the National Association of RC&D Councils.

Our Vision

The original organization for Western North Carolina began in 1969. Congressional authorization of the Western Six RC&D came in 1970 and included representatives from Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Macon, Jackson, Swain Counties and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. In 1980, the area expanded to add Haywood County and became the Southwestern NC Resource Conservation and Development Council. In 1987, the Council incorporated with the State of North Carolina and received its 501c(3) private non-profit status with the IRS in 1988.

Currently, Southwestern NC RC&D Council, Inc. is made up of representatives from local Boards of County Commissioners, local Boards of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and an at-large member from each of the member counties. Also, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (ECBI) Tribal Council provides three at-large members to the council.


Southwestern NC RC&D Council offers services to county sponsors, communities, organizations, and individuals in a seven county region. Below are some of the services that we can offer:

  • Grant Administration
  • Financial Management and Fiscal Oversight
  • Project Management
  • Community and Regional Planning
  • Service Agreements for Agencies and Other Organizations

We reserve the right to decline services that do not follow the Mission and Vision of RC&D. Contact Us Today!